Baby Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremony:

Congratulations on your new arrival.  Naming ceremonies have gained in popularity in recent years and are a perfect alternative to a traditional Christening. A Naming Ceremony is a special ceremony where you can invite your family and friends to join you in celebrating the life of your new-born baby, to welcome adopted children or stepchildren into your family.  

What happens at a Naming Ceremony?

There are so many reasons to choose the names we do for our children or maybe they arrive with a name?  How perfect then to tell the story of how they came to be a part of your family and how they acquired their name.   During the ceremony you will have the opportunity to tell your story and promise to be the very best parent/s that you can be.  You will also be given the chance to express, in front of family and friends, your wishes on how you would like to bring up your child in a series of promises.

The most important thing to remember is…to give our new arrivals a name and then proclaim it to the world!  As your name is how people know you and distinguish you from others and should be celebrated. 

Why choose a celebrant led ceremony?

Working with you I will endeavour to find out as much information as possible to create a ceremony that reflects your values and wishes.  I will help you decide what content you would like to include.  We can talk about any religious elements you may wish to incorporate.  Perhaps you have family traditions or cultural rites that you would like included.  Or if you have other children, and or adults that might like to be involved, we could do something like a sand ceremony.  A sand ceremony is where we have different coloured sands representing the important people in the life of your new arrival.  We then pour the individual sands into one container representing how you are all joined together, that there is no one individual who holds greater value than the next.  As the sand blends so too does your family and the individual grains can never be parted.  There are so many different ideas we can talk about if you wish to include a symbolic action.

Once I understand the type of ceremony you would like I will write your bespoke ceremony and share the script with you to ensure the ceremony is perfect for you and your family.  On the day I will be there in plenty of time to make any last-minute adjustments, calm any nerves and then call all gathered to order and guide you through the ceremony.  

Who can take part?

Grandparents, other members of your family, older children can also make promises to your child.  You can include friends who are going to play an important role in your child’s life and support them as they grow.  They can be referred to as ‘Supporting Adults’ or ‘Godparents’ ‘Mentors’ as they make their promises.   You may have your own ideas this is just one of the things that we could discuss when we meet.

Where can my ceremony take place?

The celebration can be carried out in your home/garden with just a few family members and close friends.  Or you could hire a venue and invite more people.  It could be themed, or simple, inside or outside it’s up to you.  You can have readings, poems and music… you can have what is meaningful for you to welcome your new arrival into your world and the wider community.

What’s next?

If this sounds like just what you are looking for then give me a call and let’s get together. 

Before You…
I could only begin to imagine all that I would feel
Love was never so complete…
Before You.

Stephanie Yeadell

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