A Naming Ceremony is special ceremony where you have the opportunity to promise to be the very best parent/s that you can be.  An opportunity to express in front of family and friends your wishes on how you would like to bring up your child in a series of promises. Grandparents, other members of your family, older children can also make promises to your child.

You can include friends who are going to play an important role in your child’s life and support them as they grow.  They can be referred to as ‘Supporting Adults’ or ‘Godparents’ ‘Mentors’ as they make their promises.   You may have your own ideas this is just one of the things that we could discuss when we meet.

By choosing to have a Naming Ceremony as opposed to a Christening you can choose the venue; at home, or at your local community centre for instance. You can have readings, poems and music… you can have what is meaningful for you to welcome your child, adopted child or step child into your world and the wider community. 


Everyone’s name has a story and a naming ceremony gives you the opportunity to say why the name has been chosen.

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