We all want something different in a funeral and I understand how hard it can be to know what to do for the best.  Working with you during this challenging time, I will do my utmost to provide the ceremony that you would like for your loved one.


As a Civil Funeral Celebrant, I sit between the Religious and Humanist services.  This means you can have a completely non-religious ceremony or one that includes a favourite prayer, hymn or committal words (religious or non-religions version).  Either way we make the ceremony about the person.

A Civil Funeral can take place in your local Crematorium, Natural Burial Site or Cemetery.  It’s all about choice; choice of music, poems, readings and how you wish to tell your loved one’s story.  I will always encourage and support family and friends who wish to be involved in the ceremony. 


A memorial service is recommended if you would like to have a ceremony at a venue other than a Crematorium.  The advantage is flexibility and more time.  A memorial service can take place after the cremation or before with your loved one with you.  If you choose to have your loved one with you then at the appropriate time in the ceremony the Funeral Directors can accompany your loved one to the crematorium with or without family and close friends.  Alternatively, you can remain with your friends and family to continue to share your memories, stories or tributes.

A memorial service can also be a way of celebrating or remembering a loved one’s life if you were unable to attend the funeral due to the death occurring overseas or unforeseen circumstances.

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